Zverinac Ferry Port

Croatian name: Zverinac

Address: 23286 Zverinac, Croatia

Phone: + 385 23 250 565

Website (HR)

Zverinac ferry port is connected to the following ports:

Bozava, Ist, Molat, Rivanj, Sestrunj, Zadar


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About Zverinac and nearby areas

Zverinac is a small Croatian island in the Zadar Archipelago of the Adriatic Sea. Zverinac is located along the north-eastern shore of Dugi otok, opposite to Božava, with which it is connected by a passenger road. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Sali. A place of the same name on the island is especially interesting for navigators because of the beautiful environment and for being secluded.

It occupies 4.2 square kilometres and is populated by 48 people, with a population density of 11.429 persons per square kilometer. Its highest peak is 111 metres high. Because of its size, the best way for visitors to get to know the place and the island Zverinac, is by taking a walk and experience complete peace and relaxation in untouched nature.